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Meet Yves

Hi there! My name is Yves Münch and I'm a Heidelberg-based oil painter and artist. Focusing on finding new challenges and constantly trying to educate myself and explore new angles is my biggest goal in daily life.


I've always loved drawing and started later on with digital art and oil painting. After my vocational baccalaureate diploma I took three years of vocational college in graphics and design, where I became a state certified graphic designer.  2020 I started with freelancing. I had my first solo exhibtion in the city hall of Wiesloch in october 2023.


Client List: Bundesgartenschau 2023 (Buga), Christopher Paolini, Author Duo Christina Lauren, Delemhach, Bergslagens Destilleri,  Loneley Wolf film festival.

Exhibition List:
2023 - City hall Wiesloch
2024 - Henry's Auktionshaus AG



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